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It’s Perfect: The Argument for Each Star Wars Film Being the Best

The What’s New on Jakku staff came together and put together an argument for each Star Wars film being considered the best in the franchise.

Below is a brief explanation by different staff writers at What’s New on Jakku on what makes each film the best.

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Superman: Doomsday 2007 Review: Where Were You the Day Superman Died?

Superman Doomsday features one of the most shocking showdowns in superhero history and it isn’t a film for the kiddies. This bloody and dark adaptation of the “Death of Superman” comics is the first film in the DC animated universe continuity—produced and directed by Bruce Timm, one of the names behind the Batman animated series— […]

Linking Galaxies Review

Linking Galaxies truly feels like a new type of Star Wars book. I love Star Wars (and Disney Publishing), but a lot of their “Everything Star Wars” books fall pretty flat. They almost feel like diagrams on how to be a fan instead of showing true passion. Due to the nature of Linking Galaxies being […]


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