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The Bad Batch 1.03 – Replacements

We’re already three episodes into The Bad Batch, with Friday’s installment, “Replacements”,, digging deeper into darker aspects of the story. This part of the plot is fairly simple. The ship’s failing systems pull the Batch out of hyperspace and they are forced to crash-land on the dark side of a remote moon. As Tech and […]

The Bad Batch 1.01 – Aftermath

May the 5th marked the beginning of The Bad Batch, the new animated show that follows the oddball collection of clones known as Batch 99. The 70-minute premiere establishes a “big bad” for the season, introduces a new intriguing character, and grapples with the tragic fall of the Republic. The show begins just moments before […]

Fanatic Media’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, Fanatic Media writers Ryan Benner and Will Custer sat down and went through the potential picks of the first round. For this mock draft Benner had all of the odd numbered picks and Custer had all of the even numbered ones. Jacksonville Jags: Trevor Lawrence QB This selection has […]

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