The Bad Batch 1.03 – Replacements

We’re already three episodes into The Bad Batch, with Friday’s installment, “Replacements”,, digging deeper into darker aspects of the story. This part of the plot is fairly simple. The ship’s failing systems pull the Batch out of hyperspace and they are forced to crash-land on the dark side of a remote moon. As Tech and […]

The Bad Batch 1.01 – Aftermath

May the 5th marked the beginning of The Bad Batch, the new animated show that follows the oddball collection of clones known as Batch 99. The 70-minute premiere establishes a “big bad” for the season, introduces a new intriguing character, and grapples with the tragic fall of the Republic. The show begins just moments before […]

Fanatic Media’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, Fanatic Media writers Ryan Benner and Will Custer sat down and went through the potential picks of the first round. For this mock draft Benner had all of the odd numbered picks and Custer had all of the even numbered ones. Jacksonville Jags: Trevor Lawrence QB This selection has […]

Top Five Stories of the NFL Offseason…. So Far!

It is once again that time of the year when the 32 NFL franchises can start to make decisions to better their rosters in the hope of adding the Lombardi Trophy to their trophy case. The new league year started two weeks ago on March 17th, and since then, we have seen several significant moves […]

A Celebration of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Vision of Star Wars

Today (April 2nd), Genndy Tartakovsky’s rendition of Clone Wars hits Disney+, and it’s time to embrace how great it is. Before we had Filoni and Lucas’ Clone Wars, before we had Rebels and Resistance, and before we had The Mandalorian, the only extension of Star Wars in television since the Ewok animated series from 1985-1986 […]

Post-March NBA MVP Ranking

This year’s NBA playoffs start on May 22nd. That means that we are in the home stretch of the NBA season. There are exactly 52 days left, and this is the time where the race for the Most Valuable Player of the NBA starts to heat up. Over the next couple of months, we will […]

Recapping The 2021 NBA Trade Deadline

The NBA has been notorious for having a rather exciting trade deadline in years past. This year was no different. This is a breakdown of every significant deal and how it will affect each of the teams involved. The Denver Nuggets Bring Back Javale Denver receives: JaVale McGee.Cleveland receives: Isaiah Hartenstein, a 2023 protected second-round […]

5 Changes to Fix Major League Baseball

Let me start with this, I love baseball. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my grandparents had season tickets for the Cleveland Indians (pending name change) right behind home plate at Jacobs’ Field, and I went to dozens of games every year. I was born in 1995, right as […]

The Future of Book Adaptations

I am sure many of you will agree that it feels good when you read and finish an amazing book. I equate that to Rocky Balboa reaching the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. My continued love for books didn’t come from enjoying The Chronicles Of Narnia or Holes but from watching Inkheart, Eragon, and Alex Rider- -the one book about the boy […]

Trevor Bauer has Cracked the Code

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is one of the most controversial players in all of Major League Baseball. People seem to fall into one of two camps with him, they either can’t stand him or think he’s a genius who will transform the way we think about pitching. Admittedly I fall in the second of those […]


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