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Linking Galaxies Review

Linking Galaxies truly feels like a new type of Star Wars book. I love Star Wars (and Disney Publishing), but a lot of their “Everything Star Wars” books fall pretty flat. They almost feel like diagrams on how to be a fan instead of showing true passion. Due to the nature of Linking Galaxies being written by two fans, it really gives the readers that passionate fanatic feel that makes it extremely enjoyable. 

Corah and Custer analyze why Star Wars works, what makes it so different from other franchises, how it has stood the test of time, and other intriguing deep dives into different characterizations. This book takes an academic look on these fictional stories and manages to bring them even closer to life. Using Psychology and Philosophy, they really seem to understand how the human psyche and humanities current status of morality come in to play in developing such a large fandom for Star Wars.

Star Wars is such a big franchise with so many different sections, it is hard to really find something to wrap it all together. For example, I’ve watched all of the films and shows, and have read a large amount of the Canon and EU novels and comics, but I’ve only played one of the video games. A lot of my friends aren’t big readers or don’t love animation so there’s large parts of the story we all unfortunately miss! I think Linking Galaxies does a great job with discussing what has already come out and tying it in to the bigger picture. 

Some of my favorite quotes from the book are:

“…in order to cause a positive change in the world, acts of integrity must take place.”

“…Anakin’s shadow is as evil as the dark side and his ego is equally as good and pure as the light. Both live inside of him while he fights for balance internally, much like how the universe and Mortis fight for balance of the Force.” 

“For years, even decades, Leia has been such a prominent and quality female role model for many girls growing up… She went beyond what it meant to be just a nice Princess; she was a leader.” 

“…not all duels are won or lost due to a mindset. Sometimes the fight is simply not balanced and the better fighter wins.” 

If you love Star Wars, you will find this to be a fun and thought provoking ride. The authors Corah and Custer are brilliant, kind hearted guys so I hope you will check out their book. Available on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback (and the audiobook will be coming soon!). Support small creators from all over the galaxy, and MTFBWY!

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