So Let’s Talk About This Week’s Big Mandalorian Cameo…

this has been a long time coming


It’s been rumored for a long time now that a big name was coming to The Mandalorian. When the rumors that Bo Katan and Boba Fett would be showing up were confirmed, it seemed inevitable that the other name that was being whispered on reddit threads would be popping up as well. Granted, we didn’t know in what capacity or how much of the episode they would be appearing in, but it seemed all but officially confirmed that it was happening. We would finally get the addition of a huge name to the live action star wars canon: Michael Biehn. 

When I first heard Michael Biehn would be showing up in Mandalorian I was over the moon. Having him rub shoulders with Carl Weathers in a full on space opera is something out of an 80’s fever dream, one I would definitely like to experience. Then when his character Lang was finally revealed I couldn’t stop myself from pointing at the screen and saying “oh hey, it’s Michael Biehn,” and wouldn’t you know it, it really was Michael Biehn. 

You most likely know Michael Biehn from his costarring roles in two iconic James Cameron films. In The Terminator, he appears as Kyle Reese, time traveling protector of Sarah Connor and John Connor’s future absentee dad. Not that he could really help that, the man was murdered by a murder robot. After that he showed up in Cameron’s action packed Alien sequel that locked in the aesthetic of every paramilitary sci-fi property for the next thirty years. From Halo to Starship Troopers, they all look like Space Marines from Aliens to me. Biehn shows up in this as Hicks, a charming soldier and all around good dude who may have had a potential fatherly role to fill for Newt, with Ellen Ripley stepping in as her surrogate mother. Unfortunately, he dies between movies while in cryo sleep. Don’t you hate when that happens? 

Michael Biehn doesn’t fair much better in The Mandalorian than he has in previous sci fi franchises. At first, it seems like he’s smart enough to get out while the getting is good. He delivers a classic “we’re not so different you and I…” villain speech to Din Djarin, followed up by a “this whole thing isn’t really worth dying over” bit, all really solid stuff. I was thinking, this Michael Biehn is one smart space gunslinger! He’s gonna walk away and live on to oppress people on some other planet. Good for you, Michael Biehn. But then he does something really stupid. He’s laying down his gun and tries to quick draw on the Mandalorian, resulting in him getting shot in the gut and killed instantly. Poor Michael Biehn. His time on  the show was short, but it was worthwhile and definitely lived up to the hype for me. Rest in Peace, Michael Biehn.

In Loving Memory of Lang (2020-2020)

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