Rise of the Leaks: JediPaxis’ Legacy

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of The Rise of Skywalker, which may elicit cheer or boos from some fans. The reception of the movie was very mixed with Star Wars fans. The film has a mere 51% on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the lowest rated Star Wars movie to date. Whether you liked it or not, many people remember the numerous amount of leaks that occurred before the release in December 2019. Some might remember the German Burger King commercial, in which customers were offered a free meal if they sat through Star Wars spoilers. But there’s one thing people still talk about to this day, the Reddit JediPaxis leaks. 

Whether you were on Reddit during this time or if you were just on Star Wars twitter, chances are you’ve probably heard of the JediPaxis leaks. JediPaxis is a reddit user, who is still active to this day, who posted many The Rise Of Skywalker spoilers. They were frequently, and are still, active in r/StarWarsLeaks. Their first spoiler by JediPaxis came on April 6, 2019 in a Reddit post titled, “Details on Kylo Ren and ‘The Oracle’ in Episode IX.” In this post, they wrote about the “Oracle,” a supposed new creature who was supposed to tell Kylo Ren about his dyad with Rey. This creature was described as a spider-like creature on top of a giant baby head. While this was not in the movie, we can see this “Oracle” depicted in the early concept art. 

(Credit @StarWars_Direct on Twitter)

“The basic plot of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker assembled from my sources” came on August 30, 2019. They begin by describing the Luke and Leia training scene, Kylo’s crusade to find the wayfinder on Mustafar, Kylo encountering Palpatine, and much more to a T. They even use the words “new Empire” which you can hear uttered by Palpatine in the movie. They also reveal Lando’s return and many other shocking plot points like Rey’s lineage, Hux being the spy, and Rey’s visit to Tatooine in the end. Later, more specific Act I, II, and III posts were made in late September.

On October 10, 2019, a post was made called “The Rise of Skywalker: Reshoots and Edits (Story Summary v3.0).” In this post, a PDF to an 18 page document can be found explaining the basic plot points of the entire movie, along with a combination of pre and post shoot elements. In the next post, “Notes on the new Rise of Skywalker trailer and addendums to my story summaries,” there were timestamps from the trailer confirming their story summaries. In it they also describe the three Force bonds between Rey and Kylo: the meeting on Pasaana, the meeting with Rey on the Destroyer and Kylo on Kijimi, and Rey sending the lightsaber during the final battle. In a comment on this post, they also, sadly, confirm Kylo Ren/Ben Solo’s death. 

The last leak from JediPaxis came on December 10, 2019 in a post called “The Rise of Skywalker: last minute details.” This information comes from a new source who has supposedly seen the movie. They must have seen the movie because their information is thoroughly accurate. This source describes Rose as more of a background character which we now know is unfortunately true. They also read off some C3PO lines verbatim like,  “I didn’t hear you mention my name, sir, but I’m also fine,” and “I know Babu Frik! He’s one of my oldest friends!”

I was not on Star Wars twitter at this time, so I couldn’t speak from personal experience. I decided to ask for an opinion, so I talked to my friend Maria, who is a frequent visitor of r/StarWarsLeaks. I first wanted to know how she felt when she read these leaks and if she thought there was any merit behind them. She says JediPaxis was the most popular leaker of TROS, but there were plenty of other “confirmed” leaks going around, so it seemed like there were no truths to these. She liked how detailed they were, but no one concretely believed anything from these leaks since there were so many at the time. My next question was how accurate she found these leaks to be. She says she was shocked at how accurate these leaks were while she was watching the film and says the leaks were to a T. She also says she remembers some Lucasfilm employees in the forum wondering if JediPaxis was a final employee. My final question was how she felt after reading the leaks then seeing how accurate it was to the movie. She says personally she was shocked at how true it ended up being and a lot of people felt the same way, but half-way through she was kinda happy that she read the spoilers since the movie was kind of hard to keep up with in the beginning, but, once she remembered the spoilers, she knew what was a gonna happen next and everything fell into place. She adds that she felt like the movie was spoiled yes, but sort of in a relief-esque manner. 

There is much speculation as to who JediPaxis is. Some believe it may be someone who works at LucasFilm. Some even say it’s John Boyega, although there is absolutely no merit to that claim. But JediPaxis is still active in r/StarWarsLeaks posting Mandalorian spoilers. And Twitter is still talking about the JediPaxis Episode IX leaks of 2019. 

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