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The Mandalorian Chapter 11 “The Heiress” Review

By Ice

SPOILER WARNING: As much as I’d like to do this review spoiler-free, there is simply so much going on in this episode that I must discuss spoilers. If you’ve not yet watched the episode, consider this your warning.

This is a truly landmark episode for the show and Star Wars as a whole, perhaps the most significant one of the series so far. Fans who have watched the previous shows in the franchise will see a familiar face, we learn a bombshell piece of information regarding the protagonist of the show, Din Djarin, and we get the next step in Din’s journey to find a suitable home for The Child.

This episode marks the first live action appearance of Bo-Katan Kryze: a Mandalorian leader who first appeared in The Clone Wars and returned in the Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 premiere, “Heroes of Mandalore,” portrayed by her voice actor from the animated shows, Katee Sackhoff. Bo-Katan was last seen in Season 7 of The Clone Wars earlier this year.

Picking up from where “Chapter 10: The Passenger” left off, as I suspected last week, we get the conclusion to a two-part story started in the last episode.

The Razor Crest arrives on Trask, the moon where Din hopes to find other Mandalorians to aid him in his quest to find a suitable home for The Child. After a rough landing, Din, Baby Yoda, and their companion, Frog Lady, leave the Razor Crest to be repaired. Frog Lady looks around the port and has a heartwarming and surprisingly emotional reunion with her husband, Frog Man, and the couple rejoices at the safe arrival of their future offspring. Grateful to Din for getting his family to him, Frog Man directs him to a nearby inn where Din meets a contact who claims he can help him find the Mandalorians. However, Din is betrayed, but Bo-Katan and two other members of her Nite Owls, Axe Woves and Koska Reeves, save him and The Child. 

To Din’s shock, they remove their helmets and reveal that Din is a part of a cult of religious zealots who seek to restore the ancient ways of Mandalorians and go to extremes, such as forbidding the removal of helmets. Despite his misgivings about this revelation, Din agrees to work with them to recover a shipment of Mandalorian weapons they plan on using to retake their homeworld. In exchange, Bo-Katan will tell him where he can find a Jedi. Thanks to Din pushing through the Imperials guarding the shipment for Moff Gideon, the mission is a success and we learn that Bo-Katan is searching for Gideon to reclaim the Darksaber. It was given to her by Sabine Wren in Season 4 of Rebels, when Bo-Katan used it to unite the Mandalorian people against the Empire. Din and Bo-Katan begin to develop respect for one another and true to her word, she tells him where he can find a Jedi: none other than Bo-Katan’s old ally, Ahsoka Tano.

This episode was a fun, action-packed way of introducing a fan favourite character to live action. It also answered questions held by fans since the show began while progressing the story along and set up what’s in store for Din and Baby Yoda in next week’s episode and possibly the rest of the season. While “Chapter 10: The Passenger” may have felt like a filler episode, this episode provided a payoff for that story and kept it connected as, even after Din’s mission to help them is complete, the prospective parents still play a role in the episode, minding Baby Yoda as he aids Bo-Katan and the Nite Owls. It also connects back to the finale of last season, when it was revealed that Gideon had the Darksaber, leaving the question, “what became of Bo-Katan?” Now we know she is alive and looking to reclaim the symbol of her people’s freedom from Gideon.

The Mandalorian is gaining more allies with each episode as he searches the galaxy for a safe home for his little green son, which may play a role later in the season if Season One is anything to go by. We also finally get some clarification of the “rule” regarding Mandalorians and their helmets and it will be interesting to see how Din responds the next time he meets the Armorer, who he now knows has omitted so much from him regarding their culture.

Personally, I really enjoyed this episode and I think it’s my new favourite of the series so far. There was so much to unpack. As someone who grew up with The Clone Wars and loved Rebels, it’s so satisfying to see a character like Bo-Katan (who I’m also a huge fan of myself) make the transition from animation to live action and to do so in a way that just felt right. Not to mention the excitement that more from the animated shows, such as Ahsoka, is also becoming relevant to live action Star Wars. I hope we see Bo-Katan again soon to help Din and The Child in the future and I’m very excited to see what the rest of this season has in store for them.

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