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“The Mandalorian” Season 2 Trailer is Officially Released!

The Season 2 trailer for "The Mandalorian" has finally been released and Tristan explains why you MUST check it out!

Tristan Huebner

The time has come! The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer has officially released! It was released via YouTube on the Star Wars YouTube channel as well on all social media platforms. The long-awaited Season 2 trailer was 1 minute and 53 seconds long and absolutely stunning. 

The details within the trailer were absolutely incredible, starting with the ship of Din Djarin, the Razorcrest, flying over an unknown planet. Within the trailer we hear the quote by the Armorer in Season 1 of The Mandalorian stating, “Show me the one who’s safety deemed such destruction. You must reunite it with its own kind.” This refers to the Jedi. As this is said we do see actress Sasha Banks under a hood then disappearing, possibly referring to her as the Jedi. 

Within the trailer, there is a lot of different new locations and planets explored, including one which may be Ilum, that may be familiar to many. In the beginning, we see a Tusken Raider riding a Bantha in a desert planet which may be Tatooine. We first saw Tatooine in The Mandalorian in Season 1, Episode 5 “The Gunslinger”. At one point in the trailer, Djarin and The Child walk through icy caves which may just be Ilum. Ilum is a snowy planet that is seen throughout The Clone Wars and serves as a place where Jedi can seek and discover kyber crystals for their lightsabers. This planet is then taken over by the First Order and becomes Starkiller Base. This would be very interesting if this in fact Ilum as we could see the transition of the planet into Starkiller Base. The Mandalorian takes place in between the time of Return of the Jedi and the first appearance of Starkiller Base in the Force Awakens. Later within the trailer, we also see many storm-troopers, scout troopers, and tie fighters, indicating that even after Return of the Jedi, the Empire still has a strong presence in the galaxy. 

Overall, this trailer was absolutely incredible with stunning visuals leaving fans with many questions in what is to come within this season. Personally, I am glad they kept it short and left out the many rumors in the trailer that fans are speculating about, like whether we will see characters such as Ahsoka Tano, Bo-Katan Kryze, or Boba Fett. The future for not only this season is bright but also for Star Wars. If you have not seen the trailer the link will be down below.

May the Force Be With You, Always. 

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