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Preview for Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic #1

The much anticipated High Republic content is almost upon us, and we have a short preview for "Marvel's Star Wars: The High Republic" by Cavan Scott.

Ioana Balas

The High Republic material cannot come fast enough. The books have been postponed due to COVID, but now we are getting glimpses of things to come. LucasFilm recently offered us a taste of the future High Republic comic book series, written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Ario Anindito. Of course, we are treated with a fantastic cover by Phil Noto himself, already a household name when it comes to Star Wars comics.

The events of The High Republic era take place 200 years before The Phantom Menace and until now we’ve only seen concept art. Cavan Scott is the creator of the new character Keeve Trennis, and in the following preview pages we see him as a Padawan. Since LucasFilm’s story group works together, we should expect to see in this new series lore we’ve already seen in other instances. From what we already know, it will reference the Lando mini-series by Charles Soule and the fan favourite series Doctor Aphra, about which I’ll write a “kind of journal” pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Here you have Phil Noto’s cover and the first four pages of the comic. I, for one, can’t wait for it and the High Republic stories to come!

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