original content Star Wars

Trans Rights: This is the Way!

by Priscilla Rose

Many Star Wars fans have recently felt uncomfortable in result of the way a few actors from The Mandalorian have been behaving. Although Pedro Pascal is a strong activist with a kind heart, two other cast members have been receiving intense scrutiny in response to their public mockery of pronouns as well as assault allegations.

With this in mind, a few members of the Star Wars community decided to band together and make a positive difference for the well being of others. If we as a fandom can be accepting of aliens and magical forces, we should be kind and accepting towards our fellow humans as well.

Maggie Lovitt (of the Star Wars Friends Podcast) spearheaded this GoFundMe with assistance from Eric Eilersen (of Youtini and The Living Force Podcast) and Candace Kaw (of The Geeky Waffle).

We at What’s New On Jakku would like to show our full support towards this awesome cause! The Transgender Law Center is the largest national trans-led organization. It advocates for all people, while focusing on keeping transgender and gender nonconforming people alive and helping to aid and propel their success and safety.

The fundraiser reached its first goal of $1000 within the hour, thanks to the Star Wars community. Many Podcasts, fan sites, meme pages, and just general Star Wars lovers shared the fundraiser all over Twitter. At the time I am writing this they have reached a little over $6000. We hope this article shows our transgender friends that they are loved by the fandom. If you have the monetary ability and the desire to, we hope we have inspired you to join the cause!

This is the Way! Click here for the GoFundMe.

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