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Companions in Star Wars

The team writes about some of their favorite companions in Star Wars.



We’ve met many trusty droids in the Star Wars universe, but none are quite as unique as L3-37. I mean that literally – the independent pilot droid actually built herself from scraps of other droids. L3’s cunning and vast knowledge have helped Lando Calrissian many a time. L3’s independence enables her to act without hesitation. She’s snarky, passionate about droid rights, and caring (even when she won’t show it) – L3-37 is the whole package. Her expertise in navigation and travel allows her to save the day in Solo. L3 leads one last droid revolution on Kessel, but is damaged beyond repair in the battle to escape. Lando integrates her neural core into the Millennium Falcon, allowing the crew to navigate out of the Kessel Run and escape. This means L3 didn’t just help Lando but was also a sidekick to Han, Rey, Chewie, and anyone who flew the Falcon from the original trilogy onward. She’s an everlasting influence on the journey of our heroes.



This assassin droid turned nanny brings the best of both professions to any galactic adventure. Need to wipe out an entire village of stormtroopers? Give IG a call. Need somebody to swaddle you in a blanket? IG will do it lovingly. Sure, you’ll have to give him some positive reinforcement every now and again to keep him from blowing you and himself up, but a key element of any relationship is supporting each other. If you expect IG to have your back, it’s only fair that you help him stay positive when the odds are stacked against you. The droid’s motherly demeanor, wry kiwi wit, and terrifyingly efficient combat skills make IG-11 an ideal counterpart. It’s rare that you’ll find a droid this caring and funny that’s this proficient with a blaster. The only way IG-11 could be any better would be if he was wearing one of Taika Waititi’s signature rompers. I have a feeling it would be just fine with him if you could convince him it lined up with his programming.

The Child


The Child (which the internet has lovingly nicknamed “Baby Yoda”) is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe and most definitely the cutest companion. Coming from the same unknown species as Yoda, the child has a hint of nostalgia while still being the new face of the franchise. I love how Din Djarin goes from a bad boy bounty hunter to somewhat of a loving father figure after rescuing and spending time with The Child. Although small and tiny, The Child is strong with the Force and mighty! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our newest companion and to potentially finally know the name of Yoda’s mysterious species.



When we think of good sidekicks in Star Wars, what comes to mind? Often it will probably be someone dependable and loyal with a dash of sass. The droid from Rogue One, K-2SO, fits into all these categories like Cinderella fits into a glass slipper. K-2SO is a reprogrammed Imperial droid and is the sidekick to rebel Cassian Andor. This specific sidekick might be the sassiest droid (and overall character) since C-3PO. For having only one live-action appearance, he has some of the best and most iconic lines of any character in Disney era Star Wars. Whether he is telling someone sarcastically “congratulations” or questioning why newcomer Jyn Erso gets a weapon and he doesn’t, K-2SO adds a certain level of sass and charm that you want in a sidekick. He is also one of the more dependable sidekicks in the Star Wars universe. Unlike C-3PO being anxious and unable to perform specific tasks, such as reading ancient Sith text, or Jar Jar Binks who is a bumbling fool, K-2SO will always get the task at hand done: no matter what. This leads to the final point on why K-2SO is the best – he is the most loyal sidekick of all time. Like I mentioned before, he will always do his duty for his friends and this is true until his final moments. In the final act of Rogue One, K-2SO is in charge of making sure Jyn and Cassian are safe while commuting the Death Star plans to the rest of the Rebel fleet. In doing so, K-2SO traps himself in a command center, holding off whatever Imperials he can to ensure the mission’s success and to ensure his friends’ safety. When doing this, K-2SO meets his unfortunate demise. When those yellowish white eyes dim down and you realize K-2SO is no more, it tugs at your heartstrings. It is a real moment of humanity for a droid and the cherry on top of everything that makes K-2SO the best sidekick in a galaxy far, far away.



BD-1, from the video game Fallen Order, is my favorite sidekick in the Star Wars universe. If I was forced to choose who got to live, BD-1 or Baby Yoda, I don’t know who I would pick. That’s how much I love BD-1. If you haven’t played the game, I want to let you know that this paragraph will contain some minor spoilers to the game’s story. You have been warned! If you have played the game, you, like me, probably fell in love with BD-1 almost as soon as we met him. At points, BD-1 seemed to mimic the movements of a puppy, and because we all adore puppies, an immediate, emotional attachment to this droid was formed. But BD-1 is so much more than a cute, fun sidekick to Cal Kestis (the Jedi and main character in Fallen Order). BD-1 has significant depth as a character. This was pretty unexpected, but welcomed, for a sidekick character in a video game. Most of BD-1’s character arc was learned on the ice planet called Ilum. Fallen Order had many emotional moments, and this was certainly one of them. We learn that BD-1 agreed to have his memory erased, just so that he could help Cal in the future (this mirrors C3-PO’s decision in The Rise of Skywalker). Erasing a droid’s memory seems pretty barbaric, because everything we essentially are, our tendencies, behaviors, attachments, preferences, etc., only exists in our memories. Erasing one’s memory essentially means erasing the person. To actually be willing to have your own memory/essence erased just for the sake of other peoples’ benefit is one of the most selfless acts I can think of. Perhaps only next to giving your life for someone, which of course brings up significant Biblical parallels. And BD-1 didn’t hesitate to do what he thought was right and allowed to have his memory erased for the greater good (this could also add to the “are droids sentient?” debate, but that’s a topic for another conversation). It nearly brought tears to my eyes at the time: I really love this droid. So the strong depth to BD-1’s character and his incredibly selfless act makes him my favorite sidekick in the Star Wars universe.



Of all companions in the Star Wars Universe, C1-10P, or “Chopper”, is the most… unique. While a droid with snark isn’t uncommon when looking back at R2-D2, L3-37, or K-2SO, Chopper sometimes borderlines a more manic level. He’d often be short-tempered and talk back to everyone. But despite that, Chopper has always been a loyal companion to his friends, especially Hera Syndulla, his savior from a crashed Y-Wing. Many times for the Rebels crew, Chopper was the ace up their sleeve. With multiple paint jobs from Sabine Wren, Chopper often extracted info & data from Imperial facilities. Multiple times Chopper put up a fight in and out of a cockpit, fighting everything from Stormtroopers to Imperial Inquisitors. But he’s not without his little moments. Caring for his crew, the subtle shot of Chopper holding a newly blind Kanan to guide him comes to mind. Chopper can also be a little selfish, as he once abandoned his post in search of a replacement leg. The whole ordeal however led to a huge benefit for the rebellion, as Chopper soon befriended AP-5, who would warn the Rebels that their initial base coordinates were a trap. Leading them to an undiscovered system, the new Rebel base was named “Chopper Base” in the Astromech’s honor. Through all the excitement, Chopper donated parts of his new leg to aid the repairs of his new friend, AP-5. So while he’s more twisted than most, Chopper has a soft spot for his friends. A key fighter in the grand Rebellion, Chopper may be the ultimate form of “Never underestimate a Droid.”

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