(Star Wars) The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark REVIEW

by Priscilla Rose

Stories of Light and Dark is a gorgeous book full of retellings of some of the stories we know and love from the TV series The Clone Wars. Sadly, it did not include some fan favorites like the “Siege of Mandalore,” but it did include some other really great stories. “The Lost Nightsister” and “Almost a Jedi” are two of my favorites. The book added little details like some of the characters thoughts we would not have previously known, but other than that it did not differ much from the show.

Aesthetically, this is one of the prettiest books I have ever laid eyes on. The color scheme, formatting, and art work combined really sell it. It is easy on the eyes and smooth to touch. I felt like I was receiving a Christmas gift when I first opened it up. It fits the overall visual theme of The Clone Wars well.

If you are a casual fan of Star Wars or haven’t seen The Clone Wars, this book probably isn’t your thing. However, if you are a “prequel stan” and obsessed with The Clone Wars, Ahsoka, and that era of Star Wars, you will love this book. It is an anthology, so you can totally crack open any chapter and read it to yourself or your kids before bed. I grew up watching The Clone Wars and am elated to see some of the older arcs still being shown some love. I quite enjoyed this book and I hope you do too!

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