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Poe Dameron: Free Fall is Alex Segura's newest novel and first novel within the Star Wars franchise.

By Priscilla Rose

Poe Dameron: Free Fall is Alex Segura’s newest novel and first novel within the Star Wars franchise. I thought this book was a well-rounded telling of Poe’s earlier years, and the time he spent as a spice runner. I am elated that Star Wars had a Hispanic author tell Poe’s story.

A lot of people compare Poe to Han Solo but I think this novel shows you exactly how dissimilar the two characters are. They are both wise-cracking pilots with questionable pasts but their demeanor and morals are very different, as well as their story. Finding out that Poe’s mother (Shara) was a pilot in the Rebellion and that she was friends with General Leia brings new meaning to the relationship Poe and Leia had in the Sequel Trilogy.

If you want to know more about Poe and Zorii Bliss, this book is a great resource.


Some fans were upset with the initial knowledge that Poe was a spice runner, while others were intrigued and wanted to know more. This novel shows us that Poe never wanted to be a spice runner to begin with. Poe just wanted to fly ships and leave Yavin 4.

When he originally joined the spice runners of Kijimi he was under the impression that they were just a regular group of smugglers, not the infamous group he was inducted into. This story goes through the motions of how Poe not only joins, but how he is unlike the other members. He has too big of a heart to belong there. He likes Zorii, and feeling as though he is a part of something other than just farming but he has no desire of killing anyone.

He leaves the spice runners at his earliest opportunity. I think these are important facts to take into consideration when rewatching the sequels. Poe never wanted to be an infamous criminal, he just wanted to be like his mom, fly ships, and blow stuff up.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised that this tale not only stays within the canon developed in the films, but it expands on it in beautiful ways that bring a lot of depth to Poe Dameron.

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