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9 Amazing Star Wars Tattoos

Showing off some of our favorite Star Wars tattoos in the galaxy.

by Priscilla Rose

As a tattoo collector and someone who is dedicating their entire back to Star Wars tattoos, I found it fitting to compile a list of some of my favorite Star Wars tattoos in the galaxy.

1. This awesome Mandalorian tattoo done by Rali at XYZ Tattoos in Quebec, Canada makes great use of negative spacing.

Source: Justin Kruger (@JustinKruger)


2. I am very biased when I say that I absolutely love this Princess Leia tattoo by Keller at Classic Tattoos in Florida.

Source: Me!


3. A beautiful Reylo tattoo with quotes from The Last Jedi by Yesi at Dark Heritage Tattoo in California.

Source: Emily (@Emiwenis)


4. Did somebody say Vader? Tattoo by Courtney Raimondi at Undead Ink in New York.

Source: Jen (@KYL0JEN)


5. Classic Style Stormtrooper by Josh Adams at Threefatestattoo in Florida.

Source: Austin Lutes (@austin_lutes)


6. The rebels would hate this next tattoo, but it’s by Billy Harris at Charlotte Tattoo Company in North Carolina.

Source: Fred (@DeathStarDispatch on Youtube, Twitter, & Instagram. Go check him out!)


7. Although the addition to this awesome piece is still healing, this is still one killer tattoo by Jony from The Best Ink Town, Spain.

Source: Melissa (@Adamdriverespa1)


8. Double reference time! This tattoos quote is not only from Rogue One, but Ahsoka says it in The Clone Wars as well. Done by Stephanie Rose at Wolf & Flame Tattoo in Florida. I have a tattoo from Stephanie as well, she’s a great artist!

Source: Kenzie (@djarinsolo)


9. Last but certainly not least, this quote in Hayden Christensen’s handwriting is a beautiful and delicate piece of art by Rachel Attrill at The Old Vicarage in England.

Source: Cody (@leiaporgana on Twitter)


Tweet us (@WhatsNewOnJakku) your Star Wars tattoos, we would love to see them and may the Force be with you!

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