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STAR WARS: SQUADRONS Details and Release Date Announced

The official Star Wars: Squadrons trailer has been released on YouTube on the EA Star Wars channel.
By Tristan Huebner
The official Star Wars: Squadrons trailer has been released on YouTube on the EA Star Wars channel. We received over a 2-minute trailer as well as an official release date.
From this trailer, we see intense starfighter action. There was nothing more exciting than seeing many X- Wings, Y-Wings, A-Wings and some U-Wings going up against the Empire and multiple TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers. Rebels fans, look out for The Ghost pilot Hera Syndulla as well as the famous Rebellion pilot Wedge Antilles
One small detail I believed to be incredible is the reveal of Bespin being a playable map, which can be seen toward the end of the trailer.
Bespin has also made an appearance into Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back as well as Star Wars: Battlefront II. 
As of what we know, Squadrons has playable options to serve the Empire or the Rebellion. One leader for the Empire in the trailer states through a hologram to multiple TIE pilots informing that “You are the Empire’s strength. We do not accept defeat. Vengeance is ours.“
Which is very different than the Rebellion message in the trailer from one specific leader stating “Remember why we fly. For hope. For the New Republic.“
We see the difference between both sides and their motives throughout the entire original trilogy, Rogue One, and Rebels but now this is your journey where you can live in the world of a pilot in choosing between the Rebellion or the Empire! This is truly where the fun begins!


Star Wars: Squadrons is expected to make an official gameplay release trailer on June 18 at EA Live Play, which will be looking into the specifics of gameplay as well as the multiplayer/single-player action and what varieties gamers will be able to choose from. Until then, May the Force be with you.
The official release date will be October 2, 2020, giving us Star Wars gamers a lot to look forward to this fall as well LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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