The Mandalorian Entrance Questionairre ​

1. What are you most excited for going into The Mandalorian?

Part Time Geek: I’m excited to see something new. I’m always excited for more  Star Wars so I wasn’t a hard sell when they announced it. I’m  really excited to see (hopefully) some fleshed out Mandalorian  culture; we got a little taste of it in the Clone Wars TV series  (remember Queen Satine?) and I want more. I’m also hoping for  a slightly more mature story; I’m not saying we need Game of  Thrones level M-rating, just enough that gives more depth to the  story than what we got from the animated TV series (not that  those aren’t deep, just not as deep as you could have gotten if they weren’t on Cartoon Network or Disney XD).

Patrick Mulligan: Whenever we are shown a new side of the star wars universe I am always excited to see what it’s going to feel like. Every era has its own distinct vibe, but the time frame we’ll be exploring will be totally new to live action. The show is clearly leaning towards a grittier tone and with so many different directors involved I’m chomping at the bit to see what the vibe of the whole thing will be.

Christian Corah: I’m excited for a story that is able to go into deep detail regarding the story. This is something that is similar to Rebels, where it follows a singular story line over much screen time. Because of that, this story should be very developed. Add that to this being about bounty hunting, and it should make for a really good show. But mostly what I’m excited about is having new star wars every week to be excited about. I’ve never had that before in my life and I am looking forward to it.

Watch With Will: I am most excited for something that feels new to the Star Wars universe. A lot of stories in Star Wars are more or less predictable and follow the same guidelines outside of Rogue One and Solo. I think that Star Wars fans have always wanted a live action Star Wars TV show and we’re finally getting it. The thing I am most excited for is a new story that explores parts of this universe that we are not familiar with yet.

Waltgator93: One thing I am looking forward to when The Mandalorian streams is mainly adding more to the Star Wars mythos. Anytime that we get something to expand on Star Wars I get excited. Seems like lately that they are expanding more and more on Mandalorian. For most people they love Boba Fett, but for me feel like I didn’t see anything cool from him. Hoping this show I get to see some Mandalorians actually do some awesome stuff that makes me a fan.


2. What is one thing that worries you about The Mandalorian, or live action Star Wars shows?

PTG: I’m worried Lucasfilm and Disney won’t take as many risks if it  doesn’t do as well as they want. One of the things that I love  about Star Wars is all of the EU stories that have been told about characters and events that we haven’t seen on the screen, some that worked and some that haven’t. Some of the narrative after Solo came out was that since it didn’t do as well as they hoped, we weren’t going to be getting more like that. I think taking risks like that is important for a franchise. Take the MCU (which is something I absolutely adore); They gave many different directors and writers a pretty loose leash and told the stories in new ways about characters who were very different, and though Disney knew that with the Marvel brand they could count on good results from the box office, they have something similar in Star Wars and should take advantage of it (and no I’m not saying “milk the brand;” just take a risk or two).

PM: The medium is what worries me most. Television can be a wonderful storytelling outlet. You have more time to explore the characters and there’s the potential to tell a more  sprawling story. On the flip side of that, I’m just not sure how well us watching people talk in dingy cantinas is going to play. Star Wars is fast paced and I wonder if something will be lost if too much time is spent on the minutiae of the universe. Every live action Star Wars outing is trying to recapture that lightning in a bottle from 1977 without feeling like the same thing. Will changing the format mean that we lose part of what makes Star Wars special? I hope not.

CC: Just because it’s a show about Star Wars doesn’t mean that it is going to be good. There still needs to be highly developed characters with a compelling story.  Because of the show’s talented writers I’m not too worried about this, but I am worried it’ll lean to heavily and being about Star Wars and not enough on being a good show.

WWW: I worry that Star Wars fans are incredibly hard to impress and even if it is the next great live action show some people will see it as not enough. There are fans out there that will always nitpick Star Wars content and I hope that it won’t deter future seasons or future projects of live action TV shows. The Mandalorian could be the most beautiful looking, well written and near perfect show and people might find a problem with it, and I just hope that Disney and Lucasfilm don’t panic if it isn’t liked by the masses immediately.

W: Something that worries me about the upcoming TV show is lack of character development.


3. Are there any old Star Wars characters that you hope make cameo’s in season one?

PTG: I’m kind of hoping no returning characters show up. I want all new story with all new characters. If no old characters show up, I’ll be just as happy as if Chewy walks up and says “hey what’s up” and then leaves.

PM: Nope. This is a great opportunity for Lucasfilm to show that things don’t need to be connected to be compelling. We’re moving away from the Skywalker Saga at the end of this year, this is the perfect time to get audiences comfortable with that.

CC: I haven’t thought too much about this actually. Any cameos would be welcomed I guess. But I don’t think it needs to happen, I want more to see common themes within Star Wars (wanderlust, hope, etc.) instead of actual characters.

WWW: I hope not, with a few exceptions. I think it’d be appropriate to mention The Empire and maybe even Emperor Palpatine since it is after Return of the Jedi and both are mentioned in The Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig, I could see it as something that plays a role here too. I would also be okay with an appearance by C-3PO or R2-D2. I love the theory that the story of Star Wars is told by R2-D2 and an brief appearance would fit here. Maybe there’s a massive fight in the streets of a city and the droid duo is caught in the middle. Other than that, I hope it is all new characters.

W: One character that I really Hope makes an appearance is Sabine from Star Wars Rebels. She is actually a Mandalorian warrior. She even has a fan base, so why not? One thing I would like to see, not a who but a what. Maybe getting some information about Luke and his training of the young new Jedis before it all goes bad.


4. What do you hope happens in The Mandalorian?

PTG: I’m trying to go into the series with now (of very few) expectations when it comes to plot points. I admit that my expectations for The Last Jedi definitely soured the experience, and I love the franchise too much to want that to happen again.

PM: I hope that the whole series is a bunch of increasingly ridiculous moments of the Mandalorian almost taking off his helmet only to be interrupted right before we see his face.

CC: I want The Mandalorian to be a character that we root for even though we know that what he is doing is wrong. The anti-hero thing. As for actual events, I don’t have too many expectations. I know it’ll be action packed and I look forward to it!

WWW: I hope that The Mandalorian is the antihero that he seems to be. Actor Pedro Pascal has said that there are some serious morals that are in question with his character and I hope this is accurate. I also hope that The Mandalorian never takes off his helmet and doesn’t talk for the first six episodes, give me some mystery!

W: I really hope we get more on the history of the Mandalorians and their overall mission. Sure a lightsaber is cool and all, but hopefully after this show people will think Star Wars has cool weapons besides lightsaber.


5. What don’t you want to happen in The Mandalorian?

PTG: I really don’t want Skywalker Saga tie-ins that take the focus  away from what’s going on in the here-and-now of the story. If  there are some nods to what has gone on elsewhere, that’s fine, but as long as it tells its own story I’ll be happy.

PM: I hope he isn’t revealed to be a character we already know, I’d rather get somebody new. Unless this is a stealth Wicket story and he’s been under that mask on stilts the whole time. Now that’s something I could get into.

CC: I’m a little worried about the main character not having depth just because both Boba and Jango didn’t really have any. And we haven’t really heard anything from The Mandalorian in trailers (although this is probably because they are making us wait). I just hope that the main character has depth and is relatable.

WWW: I don’t want Disney and Lucasfilm to play it safe. I think that Star Wars stories have become accustomed to a specific way of storytelling and it is overall a very safe storytelling method. I hope they mix it up and take a risk within the storytelling. Write this character into a corner and have the character figure out how to get out of it. I want to worry about this character and I want to be surprised about the outcomes and in order to do that you need to take some risks.

W: Something that I really don’t want to happen in the new show is connecting too much with the Skywalker Saga. Wouldn’t mind one episode to be connected to the saga though. This is a new show that could add to the Star Wars mythos, not add to the Skywalker Saga.


6. Do you think that The Mandalorian will be able to live to the hype?

PTG: MY hype? I’m not too worried. However, the Star Wars Fan hype  will never be satiated in my opinion. There are people who think  everything Disney has done has ruined the franchise, and while I don’t like some of their decisions (still pulling for re-canonization of some novels), not all of them have been bad. I think it’s important for Star Wars Fans to acknowledge that just because the story has gone differently to how they wanted it, doesn’t make it bad.

PM: I think a lot of people are going to love it, especially folks who are big Rogue One fans. I get the vibe that anybody clamoring for a darker star wars story is about to get it.

CC: I’m not sure, it’s hard to say what the hype really is. Obviously people are excited for the show, but it’s hard to define that excitement. I don’t really have an answer for this, I guess we’ll see.

WWW: Probably not. See my answer to question number two for more details.

W: I think the show will live up to the hype. We haven’t really seen much to give up any spoilers which is good! Just as well not many people even know anything on the Mandalorians which is a big plus


7. What do you hope The Mandalorian leads to from a Star Wars content perspective?

PTG: I’m hoping for more smaller-scale stories that explore different parts of the universe. So far, the majority of what we’ve gotten in visual-media from Star Wars focuses on the same characters or the same events. I’m pretty sure there are things going on on other planets too.

PM: More new stories that explore things we’ve only gotten hints of before. Let’s dive deep into some of the weirder sides of the galaxy.

CC: I hope it serves as more than just a stand alone star wars show. I hope it helps to explain what is going on in the universe between movies VI and VII. Along with being action packed and fun, it should be educational in this regard.

WWW: I hope, if anything, it proves that the anthology stories are the way to go rather than another saga. One of the best Star Wars stories in my opinion was Rogue One and I hope we get more stories like that. If The Mandalorian is even moderately successful I think we got more stories that can stand by themselves.

W: Something I hope the show leads to, is changing the someone’s mindset that Star Wars is just Jedis and lightsabers. And maybe getting an awesome video game.


8. Do you think The Mandalorian leads to a more movie centric or TV centric stories in Star Wars storytelling?

PTG: I don’t think it’s really going to change Disney’s focus one way orthe other, but since shows can tell longer stories it really should be the focus, especially with the Skywalker Saga ending. I thought both Rogue One and Solo were good, but if they were told over, say, 8 one-hour episodes they may have been able to flesh out some of the characters or story beats more than they did. I’m firmly in the camp of “all adaptations should be done in long-form television,” and while the stories aren’t by-and-large adaptations, they do often leave out some detail that helps build the world.

PM: I think we’ll end up getting a lot more familiarity put into the TV shows. With Obi-Wan and Cassian shows on the horizon I have a feeling that a lot of that gap filling stories will be relegated to television while the movies continue to push the storytelling in a new direction.

CC: TV centric.

WWW: It is incredibly hard to say, but I am leaning towards TV centric. Again, if this show is successful and well liked I could see Disney and Lucasfilm leaning into television and having most of the stories over the next five to ten years be centered around TV shows. If The Mandalorian isn’t that well received they might return to the tried and true movie storytelling.

W: I feel like if the show is wildly successful and how we are going to have couple more Star Wars shows, this will lead to a more TV centric storytelling. Which I feel like is a lot better. You get more time to tell the story.


9. How do you think The Mandalorian will compare to the other Star Wars TV shows we’ve seen so far?

PTG: I think when you compare it to the Clone Wars or Rebels series it might feel very different on the surface level, especially since these two are animated and marketed to children (don’t let that deter you, Clone Wars is great and the one season of Rebels I saw really makes me excited to binge it when Disney+ comes out). But digging deeper into CW and Rebels, you can see it has the bones of detailed stories that could be told in full if given the proper medium, which I hope Disney+ can give.

PM: It’s going to be hard to stack it up against any other Star Wars television. With it being told in a different medium and it being geared more specifically for adults it’ll be a little difficult to compare. I think that if it feels cinematic enough it will go right into the re watch cycle for me which is something I’ve never really done with the animated outings.

CC: This is the first one that will be aimed at an older audience so it should lack some silliness of the other TV shows. I hope it has really dark moments and it should spark much more critical thinking. My hopes are that it’ll be the most engaging Star Wars show thus far.

WWW: Another one that is hard to say, having not seen a second of the show. From the trailers it seems different from Clone Wars, Rebels, and even though I have not watched yet Resistance. The three animated shows focuses on a group of people that consider those they fight with family at the end of the series. With The Mandalorian while I do expect that theme to continue, I also expect it to show the growth of one titular character, The Mandalorian. This show will likely (hopefully) be more mature, but they will also want to appeal to all ages in the end.

W: I think this new show will be a bit more darker than what we have been used to, especially from Rebels. As well as tugging on some emotions. The new show is definitely going to be a game changing in the Star Wars TV show aspect.



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