Terminator Binge: Day Four

In anticipation of a new Terminator movie coming out at the beginning of November, I’ve decided to binge the first five movies in the series for the first time. Click here for Day One, Day Two, and Day Three of this binge.

Terminator: Salvation (2009)

Okay, so this one is… just kind of okay? 

Bottom line up front – Maybe watch it if you’re a terminator fan. If you’re not, no real need to watch it.

This is the first movie post judgement day, and it definitely feels more like a war movie, whereas the first three felt like just straight action movies. I’d say the story is better than T3, and I think I enjoyed it more overall. I might catch some flack for that. Neither is worth rewatching. How’s that?

The special effects are once again very good (it was made in 2009, they’d better be good). Nothing really else to say on those. Once again, a ton of explosions, but you should come to expect that in these movies. 

I might be alone in this, but I honestly like Sam Worthingon as an actor; some may have a problem with his emotional range, but I don’t really mind. His acting never feels wooden to me, which would be worse. Christian Bale as John Connor I wasn’t really a fan of. He was just fine for me, but he wasn’t really someone I rooted for throughout the film, which is a problem for the protagonist. Maybe I have the first two John Connors stuck in my head, and Bale doesn’t really feel like a true evolution of those two. And some of the other side characters shone more than him. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Kate from the previous movie (you remember Kate, right?), Anton Yelchin (boy do I miss him) plays Kyle Reese pretty well, Moon Bloodgood and Common play other members of the resistance team (and are the only two other actors I recognized). Also Helena Bonham Carter is in this so there’s that.

Spoiler Time starts here…

The plot is definitely better than T3 (in that there is one). The addition of a human-turned-machine was one that added a new dimension that, I wouldn’t say was needed, but it worked, especially by keeping its personality human. At no point do you feel that Marcus is a machine, which makes it believable and unbelievalbe at the same time. The unbelievable part is that Skynet left a human personality in, which doesn’t seem like something it would do. The believable part is that it knew enough about the human condition to “think” that it would lead Marcus to bring John and Kyle to it. I think it showed that, while Skynet is intent on wiping out human life, it has studied it enough to be able to anticipate it to a degree. It’s plan did succeed at face value; John and Kyle were both brought to their facility. Unfortunately machines in this universe always underestimate humans and then are destroyed, so…better luck next time?

I think this movie is better than the 49 it received on metacritic. Probably closer to 62 in my book. 

My binge concludes tomorrow with Terminator Genisys, which according to metacritic is the worst, so…

Bring it on?


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